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Peacock Pet Cafe | USA | About Diana Wanamaker

Your animal deserves the best of care and to have the best natural options that are out there.


Whether you are looking for reliable resources on holistic solutions for your pet’s condition, need honest guidance on your next best step that doesn’t cost you a fortune and more suffering for your beloved friend or are ready right now to take the natural route after running around and going nowhere with the conventional care system for animals, my doors are open to help.


My name is Diana Wanamaker and I’m an animal intuitive, healer and the founder of the Peacock Pet Cafe. My joy is in helping overwhelmed, confused pet owners provide wholesome holistic care for their precious animals.


My wake-up call happened 17 years ago when a vet tech educated me on the dangers of vaccinations for my cats. What I had previously thought was in their best interest, turned out to be dangerous and could even cause cancerous tumors to develop. I felt betrayed by the conventional system of pet care and began investing countless hours into research, education, and training in holistic solutions for animals. 


During this time, I became an animal communicator. This was something that came naturally to me as I grew up from the age of 2 very close to horses. I have channeled my knowledge and wisdom in writing and you can find my articles in the Natural Horse Magazine among other publications. I also have a background in Social Work, which gave me much experience in formulating personalized treatment plans.


If you were to work with me, I can offer you tailor-made holistic health solutions for your animal’s concerns along with relevant resources and support. My clients appreciate the extra time and effort I take to bring clarity and real answers in situations that test their faith and the fate of their pets’ health.


I believe that a true return to health and balance can be achieved by empowering ourselves and in so doing, our animals. The first step to achieving this is in learning more about what options are out there and what is possible with holistic healing.



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