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What Is A Pet Psychic & How Do They Talk To Animals?

Animal communication is a telepathic exchange of conversation between an animal and the communicator (person). It is an exchange of images, feelings and/or thoughts. It is based on a 'cold reading', which means that there is very little to no information given about the pet and reading's are often done from long distance. There is no assistance given by getting a history on the pet. The less information that is given, the more uninhibited the reading is. (I ask for breed of animal, age and the name of the pet and person's name).

Reading's certainly can be done in person and they can provide added interest and offer a personable connection. Much like meeting someone in person, versus having social media conversations long distance.

Intuitive communication is actually an ability that anyone can learn to do and develop. It is something that many of us already utilize on a daily basis. It also is a Science, not a mythical, mysterious process. Although it offers magical, interesting and eye opening results. It's fun and light spirited to many, including the animals.

People often ask, "How do you do it?" The answer to that question can illicit probably a sink full of answers. Not one of them being incorrect, but simply offers a personal account of how each pet psychic receives information. Just as each of us receives information differently when we are communicating or learning. Here are some examples of how information is received in our daily lives, and as a animal communicator (pet psychic) may receive the information during a reading.

1. Clairvoyance (visual) - the ability to see messages received in pictures. Symbols, numbers, and visual picture of people, places and things. The most difficult to explain, but most common ability amongst psychics. If you have ever heard of someone who has a 'photograph memory', then it might help one to better understand clairvoyance. This does not mean that clairvoyants have the ability of a photograph memory, it simply means that they see messages in pictures, numbers, colors and/or symbols. Much like a mind movie.

2. Clairaudience (hearing) -Some of us are more audio oriented and would prefer to receive information by listening. The best way to describe this is to look at musicians who have the ability to pick up sounds from a music instrument and duplicate the sound they hear, by playing that instrument. With no knowledge or study of notes or music. Or perhaps someone who is blind that has the ability to tune into every tiny sound around them, that other's may have not heard.

There is just one difference. A psychic will hear noises that others will not. For it is an inner voice within. The voice that is heard not thru our ears, but thru an inner calling.

3. Clairsentinence (feeling) - The ability of being highly tuned into feelings, emotions or physical sensations. Often referred to as an "Empath". Also known as a "Highly Sensitive Person", HSP. (see Dr. Elaine Aron, M.A.). Empaths are usually HSP's. They pick up energy from other's very easily. They can become overwhelmed very easily by too many people, negative people, and other energies that surround them.

The best way to describe this energy is if you have ever heard someone take their nails on a chalkboard and you get this tingly sensation through your body, from it. Or perhaps you can get a slight sensation of someone who was hurt, by looking at their injury. Or maybe you met someone and you immediately felt as if you needed to step far away from them, because of the toxic energy they were exhuming from their presence. Clairsentinent's are highly sensitive to their feelings and energies around them.

4. Claircognizance (all knowing) - The ability to know something without logic or facts. Also known as 'intuitive' thoughts. These thoughts come in quickly and instantly. The minute we try to reason them, or place them in the category of logical explanation, we have then completely disregarded the purity of that message. These thoughts can come as small, quiet inner knowings, that visit us from time to time. They can come instantly and loudly in the moment. Or they can come and visit us over and over again, becoming louder and more frequent, until we have received the message.

The best example of this is just knowing a person cannot be trusted. How many times have we just known that about someone with no explanation? Or if you have ever decided to take a different route home from work, only to find out later there was a fatal accident on that very route. Or have you ever had a knowing thought that something was wrong with your car and needed to have it checked it, only to find that you had a part on your car that was near the breaking point and if you had waited a moment longer could have resulted in an accident.

There is also:

Clairalience (smell) -ability to smell things outside the normal range of smell. Spirits will often leave the smell of their perfume or other distinct smell in a room, to let their loved ones know they are near by.

As an example of someone not washing the clothes, blankets, or other items that have the smell of our loved ones on them, after they have passed over. It triggers pleasant memories for us. Not to minimize the power of smell and it's ability to also trigger negative experiences. None the less this is an additional ability that can be a part of a reading.

Clairgustance (taste) - ability to taste something without actually putting it in your mouth.

A psychic (animal communicator) may develop the taste of tuna in their mouth, when doing a reading with a cat that used to love tuna.

If you have ever felt the salivating sensation when you think of a lemon, or thought about your favorite food. That would be a great example of this ability.

These are the explanation's of how messages are received by psychics while doing a reading. It should be clear that these are also abilities that we all possess, it is just a matter of tuning into them and strengthening that ability (or abilities).

Although, anyone has the ability, it seems it might come easier to some then others. Just as if one was in a classroom learning a subject. Different students may pick up the material and "Ace" all the tests, with little effort. While other's will require to spend more time studying to get a "B" in the class, while others will struggle thru the entire class, even with a tutor, and end up with a "C" in the class. Psychic abilities are simply studying, practicing and having mentoring to strengthen the given gifts we already possess.

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