What Can You Learn:


1. What your animal is thinking or feeling


2. Discover reasons to behavior problems

         Understand this requires some effort on your part 

         It might also require follow-up sessions. 


3. What is your animals best purpose in life that fits

their personality


4. Assist your pets as they reach the ending period of their



5. Communicate with animals that have passed on


6. Basic information that your animals want you to know


7. Any physical issues that you need to be aware of

(this can also mean they alert you to physical issues

you may have, that they are concerned about or 

are wanting you to know about)


8. Learn how to support your animals during times of

transition. A new family member, moving, construction

in the home, or other environmental changes


9. Is their diet correct for them


10. Any other questions, concerns that you or your animal

 may have



Animal Communication does not need to be done in person.  A picture sent to my email, phone or messenger is all that is needed.  


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