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CTFO - CBD Testimonies

**More CTFO CBD Testimonies coming soon


Diana's Testimony: 

I have a senior cat that has Vestibular disease. She is able to get around, but her balance is not 100%. She is cautious to get up and down from furniture. She can be easily knocked off balance if bumped or played with too rough from my kitten.  The CBD has increased her energy levels greatly!  She is now climbing on window sills, gets up and explores more, and has recently started bringing me her toys (and announcing it very proudly).  She has not fetched her toy for me since she has been diagnosed with Vestibular disease about 2 yrs. ago.  


My younger cat/kitten (just over a year old) has some aggression issues.  He is in dire need of another cat to play with and often attempts to engage my senior cat.  She clearly detests his attempts.  This results in his frustration and aggression towards her.  I recently purchased the Feliway air diffuser and I noticed improvement within a day or two. Once I started him on the CBD, there was even more of a difference with his aggression. It's not 100% perfect, but it has greatly reduced his aggressive attacks on my poor senior cat.  They actually will lay next to one another and sleep within inches of each other.  My senior cat protests still (understandably so), but they are more quiet with one another.  I adjust my dosage with the kitten according to his behavior.


Here are the dosages I give to my cats: 



Senior Cat -18 yrs. old - 11 lbs. (approx.)  = 10-12 drops/day

Younger Cat  - 22 mos. old - 13-14 lbs (approx.) = 20 drops/day *I split it into 2 feedings, each 10 drops

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