September 24, 2019

The experts say the immune system is the gateway to health, disease or illness, based on it's conditions. There is more information that is linking many common diseases to an unhealthy digestive system.  It is echoed throughout the medical community that 70% to 80% of...

August 14, 2018

 Photograph by Justin Veenema

Not uncommon for those occasional times when using essential oils don't seem to be doing the job that they are expected to do.  Here are some of the reasons they may not be working for you.  

Q: "I've used the essential oils o...

September 15, 2016

There are layers in a joint that consist of cartilage, joint fluid and a joint capsule.

The cartilage sits at the end of each bone and is there to absorb shock. Cartilage has no blood supply to it.  A joint capsule holds joint fluid, which keeps the bones together. The...

September 15, 2016

Are lives are forever changed when we are touched by the impact of the oils' that come to us from the world of nature. It offers us wellness and health unforeseen by many previous typical ways of man and it's ideas and inventions. It comes with a frequency of love and...

August 10, 2016

The U.S. National Library of Medicine ( is the largest library in the world. It contains nearly 12 million books and research papers. Essential oils are represented in almost 10,000 medical studies. 

Italian research on essential oils includes a wide arr...

August 9, 2016

Hot, humid, & dry summers.  Fly stomping. Traveling on hard and/or rocky surfaces. Add sand & dry ground and you have a nice cultivation of cracked, chipped hooves. 

Best Oils For Summer Hooves:





Tea Tree (Melaleuca al...

July 10, 2016

If there ever was something to have in your first aid kit, then put clay on your list!  

Prepare ahead of time and be ready for the next incident in the barn!  

Let's talk first about all the many benefits of clay, then we can get into a clay poultice recipe and all it's...

"Sulfur is the forgotten essential element." Carl Pfeiffer, M.D., Ph.D., a world-renowned expert on nutritional medicine.

MSM is a special organic sulfur that combats autoimmune diseases including, asthma, lupus, and scleroderma. MSM is critical to proper skin, hair, an...

June 6, 2016

Chemical fly sprays may hold out over the long run, but count on them also adding toxic chemicals to your body. Plan on it effecting the nervous system, containing carcinogenic ingredients, and if ingested even at the slightest, can cause poisoning, permanent damage to...

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Jay is the Peacock Pet Cafe's most valuable member and star contributor. 

He is an OTTB, 3x rescue. With me, he has found his last and forever home. Unknowingly, in the beginning, he became my greatest teacher and ignited my passion for natural health.  

It is through his countless health issues, that our journey together has been a foundation to many health solutions, remedies & recipes.

His gentle, friendly, curious nature with the most wonderful sense of humor that he has given to me, has been the greatest gift of all.   

Each day I am blessed for him to be a part of my life.

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