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Grief and Loss Support

This is never easy and the grief process is no different then when we lose a human friend or relative.  And many grieve their pets even more so then other persons.  This is normal.  


It takes time to grieve and each person grieves in their own way and in their own time.  

Allow yourself the time you need. 

Choose people that offer support and understanding. 


Here are some suggestions to help with th your grief: 


1. Write about your grief. Write (or type) till your heart is content.

     - No need to edit what your write, just allow your feelings and thoughts to flow


2. Create a memory book or scrapbook of your loved ones. . 

     - Let the pictures tell a story

     - Use scrapbooking materials or use your computer to create a collage

     - Put together a video from all your pictures

3. Create a memorial for them, either at their grave (if you opted for this) or in your home. 


4. Talk about it with people who are safe and understanding. It is important to be allowed to express those emotions.  


5. Watch movies and/or read books that are uplifting and assit you in the way you need 


6. Become part of a online grief support group 


7. Have a memorial service at their favorite place with friend or friends or family that understand and support you.


8. Buy a book about pet loss 


9. Visit favorite places where you and your pet went together


Create new activities for the pets you do have now. 


10. Take the time to slow down in this fast paced world we live in and look back on your life with your pet (even the ones you did not have for long) and how they impacted your life, your time together & how they came into your life. 


11. Sometimes, Vets offices allow you to place a memorial of your pet on their websites. Write a beautiful memorial of your pet and place it on their website.  If that is not an option, write up a memorial with some photos and put on your FBook page (or other social media you are active in). People are usually very understanding and supportive of the loss of a pet.  


12. Deal with any regrets you have while they were alive or during their euthanasia. (If this is fitting).  Sometimes we have unfinished business with our pets.  Guilt over how we treated them, or something we forgot to do, or didn't know what to do, etc.  

These can be things that keep us stuck in our grief.  Especially guilt. Whether is was during their time of illness, or during these last days.  This is often a human thing.  And perfectly normal.  

But what is important to know about regrets, is that it can keep us stuck in grief.  We need to work out these mistakes, or regrets, or just unknowledgeable moments where we were doing the best we could at the time. 


Animals are the most forgiving beings on the planet.  They don't usually have the same kind of thinking or regrets or guilt we carry.    


13. You can also ask the ones that have passed on to give you a sign that they are near by.  

Ask for them to appear in your dreams.  

Ask for the sign to be obvious to you and even unique to your relationship with one another.  


14. Donate to your favorite cause in your pet's name

15. If your beloved was a horse, and you were able to cut some of their tail or mane you can have 

that made into a bracelet. A keepsake

16.  Create a time capsule

        - Put pictures, collars, toys, favorite blanket, etc. 

        - Put a note or card in there


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