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Medical Intuitive Reading - Pets or People


















$140 - On average the reading alone takes 1.5 to 2 hours 

          - Then the call with you, about the reading, is another 1-2 hours 

A specialized, in-depth intuitive reading of the body (human or animal). 

A scan of your body, sensing energy of the internal conditions that are not balanced or in alignment, etc. Exploring emotional as well as physical aspects of physical ailments. 


Seeking root causes of a pet’s or person’s health challenges.  

A medical intuitive reading will explain the effects these energy imbalances has created in your body, mentally, physically and emotionally.  It is a bio, psycho, social, environmental view into your world or your pet's world and how it is effecting your/their health. 


Medical Intuition is also used for proactive purposes, so that early detection can be corrected before it manifests to more serious health conditions. 


It is based on a holistic view of the body.  With the goal of restoring health. 

Exploring the ‘why’, as opposed to conventional medicine that treats detected symptoms.  Then cookie cutter solutions are given using pharmaceutical’s. 


Medical Intuition is a complimentary service to a medical diagnosis. If you can find a doctor/vet that listens to the findings of a medical intuitive reading and works with that information to offer healing solutions, it can be a very effective and synergistic (cooperative interaction) result.  


A thorough report of your system is given. Identifying core imbalances to organs, bones, specific muscles, glands, etc.  And at times can determine an approximate timeframe of when it began. 


Will also determine dietary sensitivities and foods that are not serving the body well. Environmental, emotional challenges in life, good & bad decisions, childhood, marital & friendship statuses effecting your health & biological are all discovered in a intuitive reading session.  


The results are discussed in detail, along with an action plan. Offering resources, alternative testing (if needed), support and/or natural remedy solutions.   


Medical intuition offers a more in depth self-awareness of the body (human or animal). With this awareness you achieve remarkable health.

It is important to know that it takes effort on your part, if you want to see changes. Following suggestions, being open to changes and listening to directions is part of the process.

If you are doing a reading for yourself, please understand that it can be difficult, even painful to unveil emotional blockages of energy, that may be root causes to health challenges.  Emotional aspects almost always are part of healing, when doing a thorough medical reading. 

It can also be incredibly enlightening, illuminating, and a big sense of relief, with incredible healing results. 

Interesting, fun and exciting things can be part of this discovery process. 

It is much like seeing a therapist, naturopath, life coach and a friend all bottled in one session.


Note: It might also take more then 1 session to get to core solutions.  But this is entirely your decision.

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