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“Gas” Alert

I was working with a client recently to assist her with her cat’s health issues. She briefly went over with me that her cat had some digestive issues and that a diagnosis had not been determined from her vet.

She also explained that she was having some sort of a mold problem in their home and was soon to have it tested.

She sent over a picture of her cat and wanted me to communicate with him about his health issues and if he had any insight to what was going on. She let me know that they loved him very much and were concerned with his health.

Before I had time to actually schedule a interview with her cat, I briefly introduced myself and let him know that I would be speaking with him soon. It was very shortly after that I got what seemed as an urgent message from her beloved cat.  He continued to repeat his message to me, until I clearly listened.

I emailed my client, let her know that I had not had time yet to schedule the communication, but was top on my list, within the next 2 days. I also informed her that I had already received a message from her cat. I told her what that brief message was and asked her if that meant anything to her.

The message I received was ‘gas’. Now I had already known ahead of time that the cat had probable digestive issues, but I knew this message was not about a physical body function, but rather something else. The message I was getting was related to propane or natural gas.

My Client was not sure about what her cat meant, except that maybe the mold was giving off a ‘gas’, or that they ran natural gas in the bedroom.

Days later, my client called and left me a message that she had a mold inspector come out to the house today, and the minute he walked in the house he could smell gas. She had them inspect the house for a possible gas leak. He found nothing. She was concerned, so she called “Consumers Energy” and they came out and found a gas leak in her house. The gas was shut down and put on alert for further repair.

They had become so accustomed to the smell of gas in their home, they had no longer noticed the aroma. Her cat was tuned into what was going on, had warned me, for concern of his family, and I, in return informed the cat's caregiver (my client).


Lucky for her cat, they will be safe now. Her cat, very well saved the life of his human family!

You can imagine the joy I felt!

I praised her cat and told him how well he had done.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright March 2018

All Rights Reserved

Angel Cats

They placed him outside of what he once knew as a home. A home where he was kept warm and loved by a family of his own. One day they packed their belongings up and drove away, never to think another thought of him again.
Bewildered and cold he was forced to survive on his own. The streets offered no comfort or support and his heart sank, as the days passed and there was no return of his family. It was each to his own out there and hunting quickly became a way of life for him. The landscape of the city bellowed sounds of a place with no soul. Guns shot off, sirens screamed and more than we will care to know became his new world.
For 2 yrs. he lived at this home, waiting for his family to return. And what I am about to tell you next will leave you with little hope of humanity, but his spirit and will to survive will offer inspiration.
A neighbor, one day, watched as a man took a shovel and repeatedly hit him over the head. They took his broken body to a Vet and reported the individual who had brutally beaten him. His skull had been cracked open and he went thru thousands of dollars of cost. $6,000 was his ending vet bill and his life renewed by a Vet that is unknown. They called him “Miracle”.
His new life began at Guardian Angels shelter and he was adopted to a new family. A family that loves and adores him. He lives safely now, and now has a forever family.

However, his caregiver came to me when he began crying at night for no reason. She wanted me to talk to him to understand what was going on. He showed me pictures of his brutal past and told me of his concerns of today. Haunted by this past of a life he fears to become a reality again. As he went on and I listened and answered his questions from his fears, I could feel his fear lessen and his anxiety dissipate.
This cat has a mild case of PTSD. After I spoke with his care giver who adores him dearly, and we shared notes, there was more understanding and peace about him.
Again and again I speak with animals that have suffered trauma from their past. And just like people they too have stories untold that need to be heard. Sometimes just being able to tell your story is enough to move on. An Angel Cat.


By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright March 2018

All Rights Reserved



Communicating with a dog that had much to say and had a very dry sense of humor but loved to create laughter in her family. She told me about riding in the back of a truck, about food she doesn’t like and then she spoke of bugs and showed me how she snaps at bugs. Then the word- Tick with a question mark after it came up.  Tick?
She also showed me she loves to swim, but not so thrilled with the whole ‘fetch the stick’ in the water concept, it’s too much work.  She also likes swimming with her family in the water with her, otherwise swimming is not much of an interest.


After the Reading:

The family told me that she had been hit by a car and left to die and someone had found her.  Her whole pelvis area had been damaged.  After they heard that she didn’t like fetching a stick in the water, they connected that with her pelvis injury. They also said, they doesn’t like to go in the water alone, she always waits for her family to join her.  The family also reported that the dog was very connected to their 5 yr. old and that he had recently developed a motor tick. 




I had spoke with a Pony that had recently had a bout of colic’s. She had seemed stabilized with a Vet visit, but a couple days later she had coliced again and another vet visit was called for.  The pony’s care giver wanted me to speak with her pony about what was going on, to find a possible cause of the colic’s.  I spoke with her pony and she kept showing me a picture of straw, old looking straw.  

After Reading:

I was on the phone with her care giver, as she searched for areas in the barn or on the grounds that had anything to do with straw.  She didn’t buy straw and she couldn’t think of what it could be.  I still came up with a strong message of straw.  Look for something that might resemble straw.  She finally found a patch of layered mud and old hay, in a usual feeding spot for their hay.  She pulled up some of the hay and it was filled with mold, mud and old hay.  The pony had been munching on that area, since they are on a dry lot, when their done with their usual feeding’s, they can get bored and start eating things they shouldn’t eat.  The moldy, mud hay spot was cleaned up and the pony's colics stopped. 

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright March 2018

All Rights Reserved


This is more of a combination of a health consultation - a medical reading.  


A client contacted me about their cat (female cat) who was very ill. Cancer had riddled her body and she had lost alot of weight and had little interest in eating. 

As I went over the emotional history and all her loss and her nature to be so motherly and nurturing to so many, I couldn't help to connect the many emotions that this cat was holding onto. 

There was no genetic disposition with this breed (that I could find), and her human mother was completely holsitic. Her diet needed some tweeking, she was already on board with the essential oils and understood their ability and possibilities, so those bases and other considerations were covered. 


I felt this deep sense of how this cat's emotions were deeply related to her disease. More so than any environmental circumstances she may have encountered. So, I dived into my reference books and looked at how the emotions connected to the spleen, cancer, respiratory, & UTI(her multitude of vet diagnosis). Here is what I came up with. 


Lung: grief, sadness, anguish

Spleen: being overly sympathetic or sensitive to others, 

disgust, despair and stifled

Cancer: deep hurt, grief eating away at self

carrying hatreds

Urinary: angry at the opposite sex or lover. 


Her History:


She had lost an entire litter of kittens with her first litter. 

Her second litter of kittens, one lived a short period and died, another 2 lived, but died early in life. They were all in the home with her. Some of her kittens still live with her to this day, including the father of the kittens. All cats are not spayed an neutered. 

Stray cat became part of this humans' family. She "hates" this stray male cat who has been in the home for many years now. 


I felt this sense of guilt she carried about blaming herself for the loss of her kittens and this overwhelming sense of having to care take so many. She was holding onto to so many unnecessary emotions. 


Created from this was a wellness plan for her that involved a selection of many oils that addressed many of the emotions that may be directly related to her HX and her illness'. 

It was up to her human caregiver to choose which ones she felt were best. Melissa Shelton, DVM talks about this in her book, about how 'right on' a human caregiver can so accurately choose the oils that best fit their pet. 


Later, I spoke with my client and she said, she had just purchased the 'feelings kit' . After getting my wellness plan, she opend up her kit and was drawn to the oil, 'Forgiveness'. She opened it up and took in the aroma. She immediately began to cry and could feel the deep sense of grief from her cat. She applied the oil to her cat, and spoke to her about how much she loved her and how it was all ok, she had done no wrong. Well, to the person's surprise, her cat got up and went to her food and started eating. Throughout the night, she revisited her food bowl. 


We were both so excited to hear such news and could barely contain ourselves. The joy we shared was beyond words! 


We both know that it may not be this cat's destiny to stay here with us on this place we call earth. But what her person is more interested in, is that if and when she leaves, she leaves with peace and love and no longer feels the need to carry the emotions that have burdened her with illness.


March 16, 2013


All Rights Reserved

**Stories can NOT be copied without my permission!

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