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Turbo Mariahs horse.jpg

Case Study #1 

Mariah - Pet Parent


Turbo - Horse


Appendix Quarter Horse 

12 yrs. old 



Bare Foot


Primary Diagnosis:

 -5 yr. old tendon laceration Injury

 -Massive scar tissue from a leg injury


Leg with scar tissues gets sore in mud season and winter

Missing hair

Mariah (100 lbs) so she was able to ride him very lightly (walk, trot)

Never gone lame on that leg with injury


The skin on injury is soft but dry and hard to keep moist


Uses Aloe Vera

Vitamin E 

Epsom Gel

.........Uses these to keep the leg from drying up and cracking in winter and in muddy conditions, it dries out leg problems in summer with leg


Flex tests and ultrasounds were performed by Vet from the previous owner


Veterinarian suggested to keep leg moist but not so moist it gets infected but not too dry it is cracking the scar tissue

The vet said no riding in winter or mud season, Walk on a dirt road to stretch him, keep leg clean and keep from drying out

Have to keep him moving every day, walked to keep the leg in shape.  


PEMF was suggested by the previous owner


Pet Psychic suggested CDB for Turbo & Manuka Honey



Peacock Pet Cafe Suggested Tx Interventions


In the consultation with Mariah, I offered several suggestions for Turbo’s leg.  

Explaining what healing benefits each remedy could offer. 

Suggesting in order of priority which remedies could be most effective. 

Also considering her budget and costs.  


It was up to her to make the decision on which remedies I had suggested she would begin with.  


I also explain that if she comes across any other remedies to notify me and I would review the product, but it is important to not just choose any product that would not be an appropriate choice or prove to be ineffective.


There is no sense in me offering my service if she too was not committed to the plan. 


Equinety -Amino Acids supplement


MTG was used on the leg but he had a reaction to it - Hair loss, skin dried out

(Vet suggested this product)

    -She stopped using this product after consultation


She started with Sore No More Clay Poultice. June 15, 2019


Then she deterred off the suggested plan and started using a suggestion from a friend

    -Wound Cote -an antiseptic spray - 3 weeks prior to 7-24-19

    -Banixx Spray

    -Used about 2 weeks


Wound Cote and Banixx Spray are anti-septic sprays

Not an appropriate choice. These sprays are for new wounds. 

Turbo’s leg is a 5 yr. old injury with massive scar tissue.  

The plan is to reduce the scar tissue

Manuka Honey on leg 

    -Started using Wednesday, July 24, 2019 (approx.) 


Also alternating with the clay poultice

Turbos leg #2 april 15 2019.jpg
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