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Sample Questions For A Reading 

How To Ask The Right Questions

If you have ever watched an interview, been interviewed, or interviewed someone, you know how important it is to ask the right questions to get accurate and targeted information.  This is also true when deciding on your questions to ask an animal communicator. It is just as important as speaking to a person. Below I have given you some examples and tips on how to ask the questions so you can ge the sanswers you are seeking from your pet.  

#1 - Be Specific & Clear

Is Fido going to die? - Not specific enough. Everyone is going to die sooner or later. 

Is Fido going to die in a month, year, etc?  

Keep in mind this is an example of forming your questions to be more specific. It is NOT an example of foreseeing into the future. Seeing into the future is not accurate and can change from day to day.  

Try to avoid words such as: Should, could, try, what if, might

#2 - Any Questions of Past or Future Must Be Very Specfic

Examples such as: 

This Wednesday, Next time you come across, Yesterday, Last July 4th

There are exceptions to this rule. When exploring the life of your pet before they were part of our family. Wanting to know the history of your pet becasue they are a rescue. In this case you are asking a general question about their life before you. If you have more detail, such as a horse that is from off the track. You can then ask how was their life on the track.  

Wanting to know what happened to a pet that disappeared maybe years or months ago. It would be more beneficial if you asked why  or how they disappeared. 

Wanting to know why your pet all of a sudden does not like going to the the pet sitter's home when before they loved it. You may not be able to pin point an exact day this happened. The best question to ask in this instance is to ask a question about why, instead of pinpointing a time and date.   

Use the word, "Will"--------- Instead of "Won't"

#3 - Avoid questions that incorporate 2 questions into one. 

Also avoid questions that are similiar and a repeat question. 

Examples such as: 

Is my pet happy about moving?  

How does my pet feel about moving? 

     - Example of asking 2 similar questions, repeated questions. 

     - One is more specific and is leading the question with the word 'happy'. 

     - The 2nd questions leaves it open to knowing how they are feeling, without leading with the word happy and allowing them to 

        choose what they are feeling. 

Will I win the lottery and live on a greek island? 

           -This is an example of 2 questions into one Break a question like this into 2 questions.

General Questions

What can we do to make your life more comfortable ? 

What can I do to bring more happiness to your life? 

Are they happy with their life? 

Is there anything my pet would like to tell me?

Do you like your job? 

Do you have something to say? 

What is the purpose for you in our family? 

Am I taking good care of you? 

Is there anything I can do for you?

What are some of your favorite things about living with me/us?

What do you want/need? 

What things make you happiest?

Do you feel safe? 

What do you want/need? 

What can I do to have a closer bond with _______(their name)

Is there anything I can do for you? 

Can you work together with me?

What can you share about how you are? 

Is there something different you would like with your home life? 

Transitional Questions

These are questions that have anything to do with transitions of any kind, temporary or long term.

Such as moving, new pets coming into the home/barn, different routines, new people coming to visit home/barn or moving into home, construction in home/barn, visitors (pets or people), in the last days of their life, therapy sessions, etc.  Anything that has to do with environmental, emotional, geographical or physical changes.

How does my pet feel about moving? 

How does my pet feel about a new family member (pet or person)?

Is this the right time to let you go? 

Do you want help in passing on or to do it on your own?

Are you ready for a new adventure in a new state/home ? 

What do you think is important for me to know? 

Am I intended to keep this pet I have found - or has come into my life - or kitten's puppies that are found and rescued by you, or bred by you - are you intended to keep them, or one of them? 



Health Related Questions 

Are you in any pain? 

Where is your pain, if you have any? 

Did you like the ________ treatment (name item your using on them)?

Is the _____ supplement working for you?

How can I make you feel more comfortable physically? 

Do your joints feel better? 

Can you make it through the night or should I take you to the vet?

Has anyone hurt you while I wasn't around?

What physical condition(s) would you like to tell me about?  

Behavorial Questions and/or Requests

I/we need you to stop marking/peeing, what do you need to stop this behavior?

Can you help me/us understand why you are so anxious? 

How can we alleviate your anxiety? 

How can I/we help your anxiety when going to unfamiliar places? 

Why is he/she tossing his head with attitude? 

I need you to stop bucking for my safety, can you do that for me? 


AfterLife Questions

Have you found peace & comfort?  

How will I know you are visiting me? 

Do you know how much we miss you? 

Do you know how deeply we love you? 

Did I let you go too soon? 

Did I do everything I could do for you before you passed on? 

How did it happen (refering to an accident or tragedy)?

Is ______ with you now?  

What did you enjoy most of your life with me/us? 

Have we been together in another lifetime? 



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