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Making a decision to have someone provide guidance and support for the health of your pet or yourself, most of you are going to be interested in knowing how I am qualified to do so.  

It is important first to point out that I am not a veterinarian, vet tech, doctor or any medical professional.  

Much of my experience is based on actual experience by self-taught studies of natural health and alternative healing methods.  

I started by working with my own animals, then graduated to working with friends, family, and others who were in need.  One success led to another and another. I continued to learn by experience, adding knowledge and any training I could receive. 


Thousands and thousands of hours reading, researching and implementing what I learn through actual experience.


Countless number of weekend seminars, webinars & classes.


Dozens and dozens of self-study from books written by various experts in homeopathics, herbs, essential oils, natural remedies, natural health for pets, animal communications, etc.  


Many months, over the years spent in an internship work experiences, mentored by various Natural Health Practictioners. 


On average I spend 15- 30 hours/week continuing my study of natural health by reading, being mentored, self-study, classes, research and practicing what I learn. 


Animal Communication I have learned from self-study. Reading from the masters of animal communication, who now teach others how to speak to animals. Then practicing, and practicing the lessons they teach.  

Currnetly I am learning and practicing 'Medical Intuition'


My most gifted tranferable skills are from my formal education. A Bachelors and Masters Degree in Social Work and many years spent in this career, I gained valuable skills that have helped me provide successful wellness plans for the pets and people.  

Skills such as through assessment, critical thinking, viewing the 'whole' picture of a client's background & history, above average analytical skills to formulate assessments & provide good judgement. 

In addition, I add an intuitve sense of need and care to each client.  This skill is innately within, and it is through the experience as a social worker, that it was enhanced and first recognized.  Further development and practice came when I learned Animal Communication.  

Then establishing a treatment plan that is an individualized plan to each clients specific diagnosis (obtained from your veterinarian). 

Offering quality resources and the highest quality of products and alternative therapies for optimal health results. 

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