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What You Can Learn From An Animal Communication


        If you can imagine being able to hear the thoughts of your pet. Hearing them communicating their most inner feelings & seeing the world through their eyes.  


        An animal communicator is your translator, the liaison between yourself and your pet. Get common questions answered during your communication session. Listed below are some of the most popular questions during a typical communication.


Are You Adding A New Family Member?  


        Is it the arrival of a new baby? Are you adding a new pet member to the family? Is someone new moving into your home? Are you moving soon? Is your home under construction?  There are always questions to environmental changes.  


Behavioral Problems? 


        Why do they bite or snap?  Why do they have so much anxiety? Why are they eating shoes, etc.? 


        Although you may not always be able to see direct changes to behavorial issues, after asking for change, there is often an answer to  the why. The why can help assist you in coming up with solutions to help your pet.  


        Understand that animal communicators are not change agents. We can ask for change, informing your pet of  the desired change you have requested.  It is their decision to comply. 


        Are changes made?  Yes, there are those that do change. There is a gained insight that does offer a clearer understanding to their behavior.  


What Are They Thinking?  


       One of the most common reasons of communicating with your pet.  The curiosity of  knowing the inner thoughts of your companions world.  Hear it as they know their world.  Have any answers you may be uncertain of, validated by your pet.   


       There is no greater power then the power of validation in communication.  


       Have a greater understanding of what makes them happy.  What is their favorite toy, do they like to go for walks and where, do they like the pet sitter, or the new roommate. From the color of their collar, to the car rides and doggy day care, to the bed they sleep on at night.  Learn of their deepest desires, joys and concerns.  


What Is Their History?  


       Many of us adopt pets from rescue's, or they come into our lives unannounced.  They don't come with papers, and a breeder's note, giving the story of their life from puppyhood. Many have come from abusive backgrounds, or have lived traumatic lives.  Their life before they found the forever home with us may have been much different.   

      Having a history on your pet is much like getting a resume and background check on a new employee.  It gives you a better understanding of who they are. A clear understanding offers a deeper connection and understanding into the emotional health of your pet.  


       Trauma can live on in a pet's world for years following the events. Being able to talk with someone about their past life can offer a healing environment for them.  Pets have an incredible resilience to life's unfortunate events. Sometimes all they need is it talk about and release it.  Other times, trauma can cause more serious and long term effects. Knowing what happened offers the information you need to assist your pet in finding peace to what continues to live with them.  


Health Questions?  


       Emotional & physical health is often a part of many readings, whether requested or not.  Your pet may reveal they don't like their food. They may ask to stop treatment for an illness and be allowed to pass on.  They may give you tips to improve their health.  Insight into their own health, offering dedetails of where they hurt. They may also alert you to phsycial issues of your own. Concerns they may have regarding your own health. 


  What Questions Do You Have For Pets That Have Passed On?  


There are pets that are nearing the end of their life and we want to offer words to them before they pass on. 


Some pets are struggling with illness and we want to know if they are ready to go, or to stay here and fight the illness.  


       Some pets have recently passed over and we want to have closure to those last days before they passed. Have they found peace on the other side? To make apologies for mistakes we made, or express our love to them. 


       There are countless reasons we want to speak to our pets who are ready to go or who have passed on.  They too want to hear our last words, to tell us or show us all the love and joy they received living a life with us.





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