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Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Essential oils are distilled from plants, including part of the plant. Their purity is determined  by it's chemical constituents. These constituents are determined by how the oils were produced, soil condition, fertilizer, geographical region, climate, altitude, harvesting methods and the distillation process.  No lab can successfully recreate essential oils from nature.  

The Peacock Pet Cafe is offering essential oils that have no additives added, grown in untouched soil, no pesticides and harvested at exactly the right time. Distilled at a certain time and temperature, to preserve it's constituents. By preserving the constituents, it preserves the therapeutic value of the essential oil.  

Essential oils offer a wide range of benefits for your pets health. 

Promotes a relaxed and calming feeling

Helps alleviates aches and stiffness

Relaxes mucscles

Encourages balance in the autoimmune sytem

Helps support immune system

Restore wounds 

Fight parasites

Peaceful aid to end of life

Supports, aids promotes, encourages & alleviates numerous other health conditions & symptoms.

The lives of our pets are forever changed when we are touched by the impact of the oils' that come to us from the world of nature. It offers us wellness and health unforeseen by many previous typical ways of man and it's ideas and inventions. It comes with a frequency of love and peace and ignites hope & passion to our loved ones we hold dear. From hands and feet to claws, paws and hooves, we seek it's miraculous ways for impacting life. It captures our hearts, our spirits and for many of us it becomes a way of life that sustains our being.

From the bottle comes a single drop that can offer us so much in so many ways, and those opposed would call it 'unbelievable' or fairy tale like. But those of us that have witnessed the miracle's it is capable of, it forever remains on our roster for continued vitality. For without health nothing else exists.

From life of nature, bottled up, drop by drop comes more life.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright 2018

All Rights Reserved



Safely Using Essential Oils with your Pets

**Very important!  Please read a list of safety rules to follow before using essential oils with your pets.  I am continually changing & adding information regarding the safe use of pets and essential oils, as new information is gathered.  

The brand oils that I use have been tested and used safely on pets by many. Endorsed by several veterinarians that are well educated in the area of animal aromatherapy.  Despite the many testimonies and the endorsements of veterinarians  there is still a set of rules that must be followed to safely use essential oils with your pets.  I cannot stress this enough!  Please consult with a person who is well educated and experienced in using essential oils with pets.  


To learn about how to 'Safely Use Essential OIls on Pets', vist the link below:

Suggestions On What Oils To Begin With: 

Animal Scents Single Oils -choose from a variety of oils that are diluted for safe use on your pets.

Animal Scents Ointment -great for taking care of those cuts & scrapes

Animal Scents Essential Oil Care Kit 

      = Infect Away = Mendell = Puriclean = Paragize = RepelAroma (unclear if this oils is still availble) = T-Away 

       * These oils are pre-blended, ready to apply to your pet. No worries about dilution ratios.  

Everyday Oils Collection Kit

      This kit has you in mind.  10 single essential oils plus a diffuser with your kit.  

Essential Oils for Pets  

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Pet Safe Oils

Wide selection of single essential oils, blends & ointment


And For People

Nutritional Supplements

Skin Care, Body, Hair & Bath Products

Baby Care, Household, Weight Mgmt., Juices, etc. 

Mineral Makeup

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