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As a messenger between two souls I stand behind the believe that when one is validated (acknowledged) there is an inner enthusiasm. When you see another as they are, it brings them into existence and they know that they matter.  It says we know who you are and what you have done. It recognizes their greatness and renews their spirit.

It is within these intuitive messages that you see each other, that you recognize how important their story is. How important you are in the story of their life. It is in this intuitive communication that you undeniably begin to see one another at a deeper more intimate level. In these soulful connections to each other of the all knowing it brings peace to each other. 

It is a wholeness of many aspects which focuses on all they are, all you are with them. Not what is lacking. It is part of the future, the present, immortality, watchfulness, transition into death and the reincarnation of the soul. 

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