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Becky Starr (Equine Wellness) -For Medic
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I sat down with Diana to get some insight into my furbabies. Each of my questions was answered thoroughly and completely with definite care and enthusiasm. The things she was able to tell me about my boys were only things I would know and she gave me answers that I was able to take and use to better understand my boys.


You can tell Diana loves helping others and has a real connection that you can feel from her readings. I really enjoyed my time with her asking questions and discussing the reading!!!


I highly recommend Diana, if you are looking to get more in touch with your fur children and need an accurate, heartfelt reading!!!


Thank you!!!!


Joel Clark
















Medical Intuitive Reading

My Reading with Diana 

Becky Starr


Diana was very comfortable to work with; she was kind, compassionate, down to earth and just a wonderful person to talk with. We laughed a lot, which was healing within itself.  I truly enjoyed my time with her.

As a medical intuitive, she was “spot on”, amazing, impressive!

Personally, I have worked within this business “alternative health “for 40 years and have been led to many incredible “healers”.

Because I am so aware of my particular issues, it was easy to see that Diana knows her stuff.

She picked up on every concerning issue that I had been addressing at the time, so it was very easy for me to rate her accuracy.

Let me say that there were a few more “internal”/ “spiritual” issues that she brought to the surface that were eye-openers and much-needed information for me at this time in my life. Very helpful information on how I could handle a few issues properly.


I recommend Diana with the highest respect and regard.

She is a true gift and gifted.


Thank you, Diana, from my heart.


Becky Starr


















Mariah & Turbo

May 2019

Quarterhorse with  Extensive Scar Tissue on his back leg


She is wonderful. She is very educated on what she speaks of, and she is very caring. She wants only what’s best for your pets and animals, and helped me a lot with my senior rescued standardbred, and my Injured quarter horse. His injury is over 4 years old and she has helped me decide on how I will finish off healing his injuries. Her guidance was very much appreciated the entire time we have spoken. She is a very kind woman, I believe this is a fantastic business, and I would recommend it to anyone I know, she is trustworthy and reliable. Her knowledge and intuition are amazing. She explains things very nicely and easy to understand. 5 out of 5 stars here!


    Samaya Marie

    Wow! I am so impressed with your reading. You were so bang on with so many things! Great job. I       would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs help. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


My testimonial for my recent reading with Diana and my dog:

Sept. 14, 2023


I initially reached out to Diana to gain general insight on my dog's feelings: is he in pain; what makes him happy; what does he want me to know? She asked that I withhold a lot of information about him from her, so I was curious what the reading would look like. When she started explaining what my dog said, the answers were so in-depth and intune with his current ailments and likes/dislikes, I was astonished! There was no way she could have known this without speaking directly to my dog. She was able to answer all of my questions and give me information I had never even thought of. I feel so much closer to my dog knowing exactly what he wants and how he feels about certain situations. I plan to schedule another reading specially for his health. My dog and I recommend Diana to anyone looking to learn more about their pet! 


-Emily S., Commerce, MI

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