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So pleased you have stopped by. 


I have always had this innate magnetism towards animals. Absolutely, head over heels in love with horses. They were the center of my world. If I didn’t have one of my own, then I found every opportunity to be near them. 


Farm life was a fortunate part of my childhood.  Spent many weekends on a dairy farm, with the ponies, cows, dogs, and kittens.  Horse camp every summer. Riding lessons and horse shows since I was 5. Volunteering at local barns, helping with the care and exercise of the horses, at the age of 10.  Age 13, I was caring for my own horse and managing a small barn.  


At age 5, my dad was transferred to England for about 3 yrs.  Packed and moved the whole family to another country, including our Siamese cat. I began riding while I was there.  It was the bittersweet foundation of all I learned about English riding.


I was the gal where the unfriendly dogs loved me. The one that always found an animal in need. Bringing home the strays, or finding the injured bird or the stray cat.  It always felt as if I was amongst close friends, when around animals.  There was this aura of peace with each encounter. 


So many communicators speak of knowing how gifted they were as a child, and how it was nurtured and practiced since they were young.  I have no profound story to tell about the discovery of my intuitiveness as a child. Although looking back I can recognize today where my psychic gifts were always there with me, the awareness of it was absent for years to come.


It has been a very long impeded journey for me to finally find my way to animal communication.  I didn’t grow up knowing I was intuitive. Any inclination of being intuitive was immediately squashed. Anything that was a gift or the very essence of who I was, was not something that was supported.  

But I have always had this understanding that I was different. I was so highly sensitive to people’s energies. Why I saw visual pictures in my head, anytime anybody would speak of anything that I had never seen before. Why I was able to see spirits or have ‘all knowing’ senses about life & people.  I had no real understanding of these metaphysical experiences that were with me all along. I seemed to follow a path that was always trying to make me something I was not.  


The inquisitive interest in speaking to animals did not interest me until about 13 yrs. ago.  Looking back, I understand now that there were those unexplained moments, that today, I can identify as telepathic communication.   


As I learned and grew, healed, studied, made mistakes, and made changes, I finally ended up in a place where I could begin to embark in embracing those intuitive gifts that had been calling to me for a very long time. 


I started by reading a book by Marta Williams (Learning Their Communication). Started doing the exercises in the book. It came very easily to me.  It was as if a window had just been opened on a spring day. The sunlight beamed through the window and it was this big breath of fresh air.


I had always been drawn to helping others.  It was this burning light within me, that spoke it’s gentle words and offered its tender pushes towards what was deep in my soul.  


I had finished my Master’s degree in Social Work and started out there in the working world. Following what was most practical.  To help others.  To make a difference.  To make sense to all the madness and detours I had experienced and pack that into life-giving solutions for others.  


But it was the animals that had my heart. It’s whisper calls to work with the animals never left.  If I detoured, I would find myself right back to where I had left off. Doing work with animals.  


To be able to assist the animals, to be around them, speak to them, was more amazing then I could ever imagine.  Even to this day, I am in awe that such an expansion of this world has drifted into my world and lit it up like the moonlight on a summer’s eve. 


To be invited into their world and meet with those that cherish and love them dearly.  This is the true goodness of it all.  


I welcome each and every person and animal that comes my way to find answers and solutions.  To experience that deeper connection to each other.  It is a miraculous endowment that I am excited to be a part of.  


I take it very seriously and treat each animal and their person(s) professionally and with great enthusiasm.  


Diana Wanamaker

Animal Communicator



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