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CBD For Dogs & Cats

      Full Spectrum CBD

    Tinctures - Spray- Treats

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CBD effects pets through their endocannabinoid system. Research has shown that all vertebrate animals have the Endocannabinoid System, which consists of many receptors located on cells all throughout their body. This is where different cannabinoids like CBD interact with these receptors to cause different effects in their body.


CBD (cannabidiol) will not get your pet “high” but you will probably notice an uplifting mood change following regular usage due to its medical healing properties. Your pet will enjoy the therapeutic benefits of our holistic remedies and CBD without getting “high”.


More studies have shown that CBD helps to aid in balancing these body systems and offer assistance in benefiting these health conditions:





Allergies  & Itching

Skin conditions


Fatty Tumors


Digestive issues

Seizures & Epilepsy

Joints & Mobility

Pain & Inflammation

Aging & Wellness 

Chronic Pain



Neurological Disorders

Noise Phobias (Fireworks & Thunderstorms)


Dosages & Administration of CBD For Pets:


Starting with a lower milligram is the first recommendation I have.  There is 100 mg. & 250 mg. oil drops.  You can also choose to do a spray or treats.

If your pet is used to using CBD oil, then you can start at 250mg.  If you're addressing a health condition, then I recommend using the 250mg. drops.  


Start with less, and increase slowly to the recommended dosage on the bottle. Monitor responses.  No need to increase if you are getting the desired response with less.

There are also some possible side effects when you first begin using CBD. Diarrhea or sleepiness and/or lethargic behavior can occur.  This is a temporary effect, as their body adjusts to the CBD.  


If you are addressing a serious health condition, then it is best to increase the frequency of your dosages, instead of the milligrams in a bottle of CBD. You are in fact increasing the milligrams of CBD if you increase the frequency.  


As an example:  If you choose the 100mg CBD Pet Oils Drops and you administer 2x/day, the recommended drops.  And you do this for several days and you don't see any changes in your pet's health.  I would first recommend at least 2 weeks, to notice changes.  But as an example, let's say you notice no difference.  Then I would recommend that you increase your milligrams by increasing the frequency. Give it them at 3x/day.  See if you notice a difference after that increase.  If not, then you can go to your next option.  The 250mg. CBD Pet Oils drops.  Repeat.  


Once they are used to receiving the CBD, you can increase your frequency at a faster pace.  If you get side effects, then you know you have increased too rapidly. Use your best judgment based on your pet and their responses. 


It is important to remember that the receptors in the cannabinoid system of our pets are 100x - 1000x more.  That means that they are more sensitive and require less.  As we know, animals have keener senses then we do. This applies to their cannabinoid system receptors. Dogs have 100x the receptors, horses have 1000x the receptors.  


As a General Rule:


Cats & Dogs = 1-4mg./per every lb  (per day)


Horses = 40-50mg a dose (serving) (per day) 


Formula Using CTFO CBD Oils: 


Example:  250mg (in 1oz. /30 ml bottle) -Divided by- the servings in bottle, 50 = 5 mg (per 20 drops) That would be 10mg. of CBD per day. 


Using the CTFO '250mg. CBD Pet Drops':


Pets under 25 lb. it is recommended 20 drops,, or as needed

Pets over 25lb. It is recommended 40 drops, 2x/day, or as needed.  


1 oz. dropper bottle contains approximately 35 drops.  The bottle says that one dropper is 20 drops, but I have found that a full dropper has more than 20 drops in it.  


Also, remember a full dropper bottle in ANY dropper bottle does not fill up to the top.  

Each dropper will vary according to bottle size.  1/2 oz. bottle will have fewer drops in their dropper.

A 2 oz. bottle will have more drops in their dropper, etc. 




Important!  - The CBD pet formulas are for all pets.  You can also use the people formulas for all animals, EXCEPT cats. There is peppermint added to some of the CBD formulas for people, that is why we are suggesting to not use these for cats.   For dogs and horses, large farm animals. 

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