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Introduction to Homeopathy

This is one NATURAL HEALING tool you definitely want to have on hand in your medicine (natural) chest.  

Whether for first aid or for the common everyday health issues that pop up with our pets, or the unexpected ones, this is something you want to take some time to learn about and start stocking up on your remedies.  

My first personal experience with homeopathy was amazing!  I had consulted with a natural vet to get guidance with an injury my horse had.  

Diana Wanamaker, animal commuicator, intuitive, and pet psychic medium, with her horse Jay in a beautiful field

My horse, Jay, had somehow got a hematoma on the side of his neck. The size of a golf ball.  A large protruding lump on his neck. 

The vet gave me a remedy to give to him and within days the lump was reduced. It wasn't long and the lump had nearly completely dissolved into nothing.  

All with a small pellet of homeopathy that cost probably less then $10.


Here is some information to get you started. 




Homeopathy is an alternative medicine that was developed back in the 1700's.  It is based on the theory that the body can heal itself.  

It uses the theory of 'like cures like'.  A disease or illness can be cured from a substance derived from nature that produces similar symptoms in a healthy person.


As An Example:


Onions cause burning teary eyes and runny nose. 

Homeopathic Remedy 'Allium Cepa' is a remedy made of Onion. 

Colds or Hay Fever symptoms are runny, itchy nose and runny eyes, etc. 

Note:....same symptoms from the remedy match the symptoms of the health condition (hay fever and/or colds).  

Like cures like. 

It also theorizes that the lower the dose of medicine the greater its effectiveness. 

Homeopathic medicine is derived from plants such as red onion, poison ivy, stinging needle, minerals and even bees. 

Homeopathic products come in a form of small pellets, made with sugar. There also is gels, creams, liquids, ointments and tablets.  

Homeopathic remedies are created in very high dilutions, which makes them non-toxic. They are designed to work on a energetic level. Creating balance and harmony in the body by invoking the body's immune system response mechanisms.


Remedies are determined by individualized treatments, very specific to that person or pet. Homeopathics are not typically 'cookie cutter' solutions.  Although, for acute cases, there are common remedies that can be effective without determining specific symptoms to one person or pet.


Such as the remedy Arnica, a mountain herb, that is often used for any acute condition to reduce inflammation, minimize pain, treat bruises, infections and alleviate joint & muscle aches.   

More chronic cases are studied and analyzed more throughly, coming up with a remedy that is distinct to that person/pet. 

It is common for different people with the same condition to be treated with different remedies. Very different from conventional medicine.


A diagnostic system is used looking for patterns, as well as the peculiar, the uncommon and individualized symptoms.  Also analyzing each individual's environment, emotions, feelings, biological, social interactions, to determine a specific remedy  Detailing every aspect of the client and their uniqueness.

The more specific details of each client, the more accurate the choice of remedy.  Making the remedy a more effective solution.


Common Homeopathic Remedies that you can include in your first aid kit of homeoopathic remedies. For any animal.

  • Arnica - reduces inflammation and pain

  • Aconite - trauma, fear, anxiety, shock

  • Apis Mellifica - Bee stings

  • Nux Vomica - Colic in horses. Stomach upsets for animals

  • Calendula - Any kind of external infection or wound

There are many ways you can use homeopathics, and I can talk more about that in more detail in the future.


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