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Unrealistic Expectations of an Animal Communication Reading

Animal communication is a beautiful collaborative and light hearted experience that creates a sense of connection, peace and hope. This type of communication uses intuitive abilities to establish a telepathic connection with animals, facilitating a two-way communication that allows the communicator to understand the animal's thoughts, emotions, and needs.  These messages can be conveyed through images, feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations. A person proficient in this intuitive communication can interpret these messages, providing insight into the world of your animal companion. However, in this unique form of communication, it's essential to maintain realistic expectations about what such a reading can offer.

Animal communication readings date back centuries, rooted in indigenous cultures where shamans and healers communicated telepathically with animals for guidance. In modern times, the practice gained popularity as individuals recognized the emotional and spiritual benefits of understanding and connecting with their pets on a deeper level. That being said, it's important to utilize this valuable tool with a sensible perspective. The process is simple, yet misunderstood by its mysterious ambiance. It requires open-mindedness reception to telepathic communication, usually a quiet environment & a subtle understanding that this happens at an energetic level.  

While these readings can provide profound insights  into an animal's thoughts, emotions, and needs, allowing for a deeper understanding. It is smart to temper one’s expectations and understand that this form of communication is just one tool in the larger toolkit of care and relationship building. There is no one resource that will result in all your solutions.  Here at Peacock Pet Cafe, we have put hours of research and years of experience into providing support, resources, and guidance to provide solutions for you and your animal family. 

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is a unique language in itself. It's a two-way process that involves sending and receiving messages between a person and an animal. These messages can be conveyed through images, feelings, thoughts, and hearing and sensing. A person proficient in this psychic communication can interpret these messages, providing insight into the world of your pet.  

The Process of Animal Communication Reading

Establishing Connection

The animal communicator starts by quieting their mind.. This can involve meditation techniques, or a quiet environment with little stimulation. A photograph of your pet is often required. Most readings are done long distance.  Each animal communicator has a style of how they connect with your animal and where they might do this.  

Sending and Receiving Messages

I begin my intuitive communication with an introduction. Letting the pet know why I am connecting with them and who has sent me to speak with them. A set of specific questions have been sent to the communicator prior to the reading, from the person. Messages are received from the animal with Images, emotions, senses and/or words. (If you want to learn more about how we connect with the animals, visit this webpage:

Interpreting the Messages

The communicator receives messages based on the telepathic input from the animal and spirit guides. The messages received are recorded on paper.  We are recording, not describing or questioning the information that comes in.  We then relay that information to the person, providing interpretations when necessary, to the person. This can provide insight into their thoughts, feelings, and/or experiences. 

Conveying the Message to the Owner

The animal communicator shares this input of information with the pet’s person. The information received is from a specific set of questions that the person chose prior to the reading (communication). It can offer insight into their preferences, discomforts, past experiences, or their perspective on a particular situation.

Feedback and Confirmation

The owner provides feedback, confirming if the insights resonate with the observations or knowledge about their companion. This step is vital as it helps validate the accuracy of the reading. 

Addressing Your Companion’s Needs

Based on the insights from the reading, the owner may need to take certain actions to address their companion’s needs or concerns. This could involve behavioral changes, health and wellness needs, changes in the environment, etc.

Follow-Up Readings

Depending on the situation, follow-up readings may be necessary. These can assess if the actions taken have had a positive impact on your pet or if further steps are needed.

Unrealistic Expectations

While readings can provide valuable insights, they are not a magic wand that can instantly solve all problems. Here are some unrealistic expectations people commonly have:

Instant Behavior Changes

While an animal reading can help understand the root cause of a behavior issue, it doesn't guarantee an immediate change in their actions. Changes often require time, patience, and consistent efforts from the person.

Insights to Health Issues

Animal communicators are not veterinarians or vet techs.They can gain intuitive information to determine if your animal companion is in discomfort or pain, and discover root causes to health challenges. They cannot offer an official diagnosis. However, some information that you get from a licensed veterinarian such as a diagnosis can be helpful in finding natural solutions for health-related concerns. This information is best offered AFTER a reading, not before so it does invite subjective information during the intuitive view into your pet’s health challenges.  

Animal Communicator Accuracy 

Psychics, like any other individuals, are fallible and can be influenced by such things as stress, fatigue, and the umulative energy from previous readings can impact the accuracy of their intuitive abilities. The most skilled animal communicator (psychic) can achieve a 80% accuracy rate. Skill and experience can contribute to these high levels of success. 

Receiving Messages

There is sometimes what is called, “Analytical Overlays”. Which is ‘conscious subjective’ thoughts of information that may enter a reading. As opposed to ‘subconscious objective’ information. Subjective thoughts are perfectly normal and even the most skilled psychics will receive them. Acknowledging this, and maintaining a transparent and open dialogue 

with a client about subjective information that comes during a reading is a what a professional animal communicator or psychic would do.

Sometimes information that is learned in a reading and then reported to the person makes no sense to them.  Only later in the conversation with the animal communicator does the client then realize it does make sense.  

Locating Lost Pets

A communicator can connect with a lost pet, but there are no guarantees that they will be found. It's crucial to engage in physical search efforts and contact local authorities (vet offices, rescue operations, animal shelters, online posting, etc.) for your search. Lost pets involve much effort on your part. There are also Animal Communicators that specialize in lost pets and use dowsing tools to help pinpoint an area where your pet may be.  


Skeptics can negatively impact a psychic reading by creating energy blockages and limiting receptivity, making it challenging for intuitive information to come in accurately. The skepticism may also increase pressure on the psychic, affecting their focus and energy during the reading. Doubt can interfere with the psychic's own intuition, hindering their ability to provide accurate insights. Additionally, if a client approaches the reading with strong skepticism, they may unintentionally influence the outcome by resisting or dismissing potentially valid information. Open-mindedness and a willingness will offer the best results and is ideal  to gain intuitive insights.

To sum it up, while an animal communication reading can provide profound insights into your pet's world, it's important to maintain realistic expectations. Remember that  animal communication can offer incredible results, as well as be a complementary tool that can enhance your understanding and relationship with your beloved animal companions. For more information about animal communication, Chat with Us!


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