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Home Remedies for Pets

  • Are you tired of not getting answers from conventional methods? 

  • Have you spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars on tests with no answers? 

  • Do you want to have more control over the choices you make for the health of your pet?   

  • Are side effects of medications causing additional health issues? 

  • Are you confused about supplements and which one is right for your pet? 

  • Are you finding that the values of conventional medicine are no longer congruent with your values? 


More of us are wanting to be a part of the decisions about our pet's health care. To be heard and have more personal attention when partnering with our health practitioner.  More people are turning to alternative solutions and natural remedies and getting the results they were looking for. We all come to alternative health for different reasons.

Women with her cat on the bed after giving it a home rememdy

At The Peacock Pet Cafe, We Are Here To Partner With You And Your Pet(s) To Find:


  • Home remedies using natural resources that provide optimal health  

  • Alternative interventions; Various natural therapies & non-invasive testing

  • Detoxing To recover health & prevention of Illness

  • To end the conventional merry-go-round of treating symptoms 



Using natural products that are as close to nature as possible and assimilate to the body well. This will include alternative therapies and tools that can assist in finding solutions to root issues.   


Special interest in utilizing essential oils for addressing health issues, as well as concentrating on preventative health.  Herbs, homeopathic's and many other natural remedies are proposed.  


Diet is of utmost importance. Education about balanced nutrition, species-appropriate foods & quality of food is discussed and suggested as a primary path to wellness.  




Offering a coaching/consultation service to help you decipher the many choices that are offered in the world of natural health. I prefer to see it as a partnership between yourself and myself, for the better of your pet's health. We are here to guide you towards answers.  My belief is that each of you come to the table with knowledge about your pets. 


There can be an overwhelming amount of information out there. Emotions can run high when our pets are not well. Emotional decisions usually do not offer effective solutions.  There is a wide variety of supplements and health care choices for our pets.  Having a partner that is more objective and has the experience about natural health can guide you closer to answers that work!  




Telepathic communication between your pet and the animal communicator offers a deeper connection & understanding of your pet.  To learn more about animal communication, visit this section. 


Communication with your pet can offer new discoveries and get unanswered questions about your pets' health. Medical readings can gather further detail.  It offers pieces of the puzzle that go unexplained with all the tools you have utilized to find answers (conventionally and/or holistically).


Medical readings offer insights that contribute to the gathered information you have attained about your pet's health.  




Everything is energy.  The foods, supplements, environments, other people & pets, and all that we are exposed to each day. Imbalances in the body are indicators of energy blockages, misalignments, and other interrupters. 


Emotions are energy and how they are stored in the body. If UN-processed, they can cause blockages and create illness. To read an example of how unresolved emotions can cause ill health, read the story titled cancer. 


Medical Intuitive readings for your pet(and people), Reiki (energy healing)(coming in the future), Chakras, and other energy healing techniques.  


We are here to empower you with 'choices' beyond conventional treatments. Learn how to take more control over the health of your pets and your own health. Make wiser and more informed decisions. Become an advocate, by asking more questions, doing more research, and opening yourself to new choices.  Learn to rely more on what is best for your situation and understand the many natural support products and services, beyond conventional practices and pharmaceutical options. 


Make decisions about your pet's health on your own (with or without the input of your vet/doctor). Understand when it is important to utilize a vet or doctor, and when to access alternative choices.  All too often I see people relying completely on the veterinarian's opinion for their pet's health. Spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on unnecessary protocols, medications, and testing, with no answers. 


Holistic health views the entire body, mapping the root of the problem, instead of treating symptoms.  We are not suggesting that a holistic approach will completely replace conventional care. Nor are we suggesting that you eliminate veterinarian or doctor care from your wellness plan. There is a time and place for conventional medicine, and a time when it can complement holistic care choices for your pet. 



By Making Wiser, More Holistic Choices For Your Pet And Yourself You Will: 


  1. Learn the value of PREVENTIVE care

  2. Learn more about nutrition and the importance of food choices for your pet

  3. Save money!  Greatly reduce your need to pay for visits to the vet. 

  4. Understand that a holistic approach to health not only offers a greater possibility to longer life but more important offers a quality of life.  

  5. A holistic approach to your pet views each pet as an individual, understanding that each animal has needs specific to their body. Holistic approaches seek solutions that will address the unique chemistry, energy, and needs of your pet.     


The Peacock Pet Cafe is here to assist you in discovering solutions, offering support, resources, guidance, and knowledge for the benefit of you and your animal family.


I have put the hours of research and the years of experience in, so you don’t have to.   

Each natural product is carefully chosen for YOU & YOUR PET. Many of the products have been time tested on my own animals with documented success.  


Wishing you and your animal family wellness, 


With genuine care and interest.

The Peacock Pet Cafe


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