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Introducing The Peacock Pet Cafe!

Cheers to natural health and all it's wonder! The endless solutions to enhancing, supporting and balancing your pet's health. Prevention and preparing are important keys to optimal health, along with all the tools the body needs to function at it's best.

Pets are the specialty here at the pet cafe, but let's not forget about the caregiver's of this world, that give all their love and devotion. They too need health support. That's why here at the pet cafe, we assist the pets as well as the people who love and adore them.

You name it, we talk about it here, with a special interest in essential oils for pets. We cover the latest and greatest news coming from the natural world of health for animals of all kinds! Whether you are new to the many options of natural health for your pets (or yourself), or your a veteran healer of nature's gifts, all will be discussed for expanding your learning experience.

We don't claim to have all the answers here, for years of trial and error have gifted the intention of this blog. The mistakes, the successes, the learning curves, the continued journey of learning, are all compiled and are part of the pet cafe's menu!

This is meant to be an informative guide. Resources, opinions, facts, choices and testimonies are meant to guide you closer to making your own decisions. We are here to help best we can. If there is something we are unable to assist you with, we are not afraid to lead you to someone who can offer the best possible advise or expertise, for the better of your pets health.

Here at the pet cafe, we offer our own set of specialties and strengths, extended with compassion, and presented with an understanding about the vitality of health from nature and how it brings the body back into balance for; fewer incidences of illness, faster recovery from illness, quality of life, and comfortable transition's into the afterlife.

A sneak preview of some of the topics we can cover; Homeopathic's, essential oils, herbs, GMO's, pet food labels, hair mineral analysis, supplements, worming, not vaccinating vs. vaccinating, raw diets, importance to minerals in diet, flea and parasite control without chemicals, heart warming stories, funny videos, how-to guides, and much more!

A blog can take on a life of it's own, based on the needs of the audience and followers.

Here's to the energy it creates, in hopes it offers wellness and longevity to many pets lives and to those who love and care for them.

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