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Inspired by Life Giving Essential Oils

Are lives are forever changed when we are touched by the impact of the oils' that come to us from the world of nature. It offers us wellness and health unforeseen by many previous typical ways of man and it's ideas and inventions. It comes with a frequency of love and peace and ignites hope & passion to many of us and to many of our loved ones we hold dear. From hands and feet to claws, paws and hooves, we seek it's miraculous ways for impacting life. It captures our hearts, our spirits and for many of us it becomes a way of life that sustains our being.

From the bottle comes a single drop that can offer us so much in so many ways, and those opposed would call it 'unbelievable' or fairy tale like. But those of us that have witnessed the miracle's it is capable of, it forever remains on our roster for continued vitality. For without health nothing else exists.

From life of nature, bottled up, drip by drip comes more life.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright February 26, 2015

All Rights Reserved

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