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5 Reasons Essential Oils Are Not Working For Your Pet

Essential Oils Reasons Why they may not work for you and your pets

Photograph by Justin Veenema

Not uncommon for those occasional times when using essential oils don't seem to be doing the job that they are expected to do. Here are some of the reasons they may not be working for you.

Q: "I've used the essential oils once or twice and they don't seem to be working. Is this normal?"

A: A common misconception about essential oils is that they will work quickly and effectively, like a drug, every time. Fact: Essential oils are made up of multiple chemical constituents (reference ~ Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by Dr. David Stewart) and are homeostatic (bring the body into a state of balance AKA homeostasis).

Drugs contain just one, sometimes two isolated chemical constituents with the purpose of pinpointing a specific symptom and eliminating or reducing it. Drugs rarely, if ever, pinpoint and correct the CAUSE of symptoms.

The difference is, essential oils bring about the body's natural healing response and do not mask underlying issues or confuse the body by only eliminating symptoms (our body's way of communicating that there is a problem). If you do not see or feel results right away, it does not mean that something isn't happening. Long neglected problems may take time for the body to correct. Using essential oils every day ensures the best possibility that your body is in the balancing process and thus healing itself. Drugs may eliminate a symptom, but essential oils can help our bodies overcome the root of those symptoms. It's your choice: temporary elimination of a symptom right away, or address the root cause with a little patience and consistency. Sometimes the oils will work noticeably and immediately, as they have for me countless times. However, when results are not so apparent, this should offer a practical explanation.

The pH Balance Makes A Diference

Psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, dry skin, allergies, and similar problems indicate an excessive acidic pH in the body. The more acid that is in the blood and skin, the less therapeutic effect the oils will have. People who have a negative reaction to essential oils are usually highly acidic. An alkaline balance must be maintained in the blood and skin for the oils to work the best. AlkaLime and MultiGreens are both helpful for balancing the pH in the body (see oils product catalog).

Frequency, Dosages & Duration

Essential oils are powerful keys to health issues that may arise. They address the core issues. With that in mind, it's important to know that they should be considered seriously. As fun as they are to use, with no side effects, it is also important to note that the job they do requires instructions. Just as you would receive notes from a doctor to follow for your health.

Some of the most common reasons an oil seems to not work, is they are not applied frequently enough or long enough to notice a difference.

It will sometimes require adjusting your dosage and frequency, until you find the best fit for your body. Each animal and persons body is unique.

What is most common for newbie's (especially the skeptics) is the duration they use the oils. I have seen this all too often with those that are willing to try something new, but have no real commitment to creating a healthy body. It tends to be a scenario where they give it a one time application, nothing happens, and claim how it didn't work.

If you or your pet have an ongoing, chronic state of health, you can expect to not see results with one or two applications. Know this going in. Be committed. Set your intention. Experiment with the frequency, dosage per use, and the duration. Contact me about what is the required protocol for a health issue you are addressing with your pet or yourself.

The Correct Oil

There are is a very wide selection of oils to choose from. Single oils and blended oils. Each oil and special formualated blends each have specific advantages. Each oil is comprised of a long list of constiuents. These combined constituents are a natural recipe of creating homeostasis within the body.

Each oil is a blueprint for a number of specific health ailments. In addition, each body is looking for that one oil it will connect with and can do it's job within the body. There is also more then one oil that can be the answer to the health issue you are addressing. Matching the correct oil, with the health concern, that is the best fit with your body, may require a trial and error to find the match.

Quality of Essential Oil

This rule follows with any natural health product. Quality will make or break the results you see with a health issue you are looking to improve or eliminate. There is a long list of ways on how to choose a quality essential oil. From the seed, to the ground it is planted in, to the way it is processed, to the bottle it is stored in. It will either produce a masterpiece of perfection from nature, or it will be adulterated with unhealthy fillers.

Chemical fillers, over processing, diluting, inorganic seeds, grown in toxic soil will not create a state of healing in the body.

There Are Underlying Health Problems That Need To Be Considered

Essential oils are amazing with their capabilities and yes, I have seen miraculous instances in a pets health. However, essential oils don't have the ability to create wellness in the body, if the body is in a poor state of health.

Holistic means addressing the whole body, not just masking symptoms, like conventional medicines do. Essential oils can also address symptoms in a natural and healthy way with no side effects. Masking symptoms does not address the core health issue. One has to look at the diet, the environment, the medications (and all its side effects), the stress levels, etc.

If an animal has allergies and your given an essential oil to apply, to help ease the symptoms of the allergies. Yes, the oils will do this efficiently and effectively. There is still the item that is causing the allergy. If the item the animal is allergic to is not taken out of their environment, or out of their diet, the allergy will not dissiapate because your utilizing an essential oil treatment plan. A whole body wellness plan must be created.

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